Our business intelligence services for export promotion projects promote studies of the target market with quality and expertise of more than 19 years of market.

Our professionals have extensive trade experience with reporting and analysis of specific target markets to trace your activity planning.

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The current market is increasingly demanding and competitive, it is essential that the company to adapt to the globalized world. Foreign trade plays a role of paramount importance for the development of a country generally and specifically economic, so essential for companies wishing to develop and enhance the quality of their products and services.

With the constant growth of globalization, it is necessary for companies wishing to invest in international trade have partnerships abroad, aimed at improving the company's performance both qualitatively and quantitatively - thinking of the welfare and survival of the company, as well as expansion and recognition in national market.

With the intensification of globalization in recent decades, markets have become increasingly heated as a result of constant changes and processes. Due to the close relations between the countries and the great influence that some other nations have exercised, the market became more competitive.
These changes affect not only large firms, mainly small but whose internal constraints are large, there is also within their own competence in planning and management, insufficient resources, external factors, trade barriers, export paperwork, limited access to finance and market information, among other issues with which small businesses face in the macro environment.