Our Transportation

The WG Comércio Exterior Ltd. works with all types of transport, whether by land, air or sea. Besides the transport service, the company also has a storage shed loads, all assembled to meet the diverse needs. Check out our services and make sure it is the ideal partner with business.

Warehouse and Cargo Handling

armazenagem The WG Comércio Exterior Ltda makes available to its customers its extruded storage; its distribution center in Belo Horizonte.

The operationalization of physical distribution involves the entire process of receiving, storing, sorting, repacking, shipping and transport. The separation of the products is quick and secure, and rationality in the shipping and transport ensures high speed and reliability throughout the logistics process. Complete framework for loading, unloading, stuffing / spawning in the operation of trucks or containers. Services palletizing, packaging and repackaging.

Principles of use of products;
Methods of storage and controls;
Equipment handling.

Road Transport

Road transport has a unique feature that distinguishes it from all other modes, which is its ability to traffic by any means, whether roads, highways, streets, roads paved or not.

Transporte Rodoviario

  • Freight Calculation
  • Route Definition
  • Discharge Monitoring
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Own Fleet

that can transport goods over short distances and trajectories peculiar or impossible to achieve by other means. We have private fleet that minimizes the cost of freight.

coverage area

Air Transport 

Air transport is used mainly to move passengers or goods of high value or urgent. It's faster to travel long distances with medium and large margin of safety and convenience.

Transporte Aereo

  • AWB
  • Quotation
  • Freight Hiring
  • Routes
  • Insurance
  • Transit Time

types of cargo can be transported through this modal, live animals, common charges, frozen, armaments, is considered one of the best ways of transmission.


Sea Transport 

One of the most important modes for industry and logistics in Brazil, its importance is directly related to intermodality. Suitable for loads greater volume, intercontinetais charter or economy.

Transporte Maritimo

  • Booking
  • Quotation
  • BL ( bill of lading )
  • Freight Calculation
  • Transit Time 
  • Route

that allows integration with other modalities to optimize the transport and operation of complex global supply chain. Check out the list of ports where we operate.